The cutting unit made up of a diamond disk spindle and a Waterjet head is rotatable around its axis (5th axis), it is equipped with motorized inclination from 0 to 50 °.

Combicut combines and alternates with program and / or at leisure the cut to diamond blade with Waterjet cutting, allowing you to optimize the cuts and minimize material waste, without ever having to move the plate or pieces, with the possibility of making straight cuts and complex curvilinear as well as inclined cuts. Complies with CE accident prevention regulations.

Our station thanks to the IMAGE PLUS system Plate acquisition system with digital camera in the machine, makes use of advanced image digitization technology through a high resolution linear industrial camera, which allows the perfect cut in respect of the grain making the finished product similar to a product made from material natural.

The system takes the photo of the plate placed above the workbench of the machine, the image of the plate is displayed at high resolution and on the video color touch-screen.

The operator defines with the mouse the profile of the plate and that of any surface defects. Profile and defects so defined will then be the basis for the optimization of the exploitation of the plate and the programming of the cuts.

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